Predictions for the 2016 Housing Market

The Fed has raised interest rates, millennials are getting older…so what does next year’s housing market look like?
There’s a Dire Shortage of Workers In This Growing Industry
Millennials Can’t Afford to Buy a Home in These Cities
Housing Comes Roaring Back to Life

No housing expert has a crystal ball, but Svenja Gudell, recently appointed chief economist for the housing site, has looked at enough data to make a pretty good guess.

She examines vast amounts of housing market statistics—everything from about where people are going to want to live to what areas will be hot to what the future could hold for renters—on a daily basis.Ride-Along With A Realtor As U.S. Housing Market Looks To Rebound in 2015

Reuters asked Gudell to share her insights on what she thinks the 2016 housing market will be like.

Reuters: What markets do you think will be places to watch in 2016?

Gudell: Next year, the combination of unemployment, population growth and the home value growth will make markets like Boise, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Omaha, Nebraska, stand out.

Denver, Seattle, Dallas/Fort Worth and Portland, where inventory has been declining in the last year and demand continues to rise, will also be hot locations in 2016.

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